Vulnerability management is considered a security best practice defensive measure to protect against today’s threats. Nexpose is the only vulnerability management solution to analyze vulnerabilities, controls, and configurations to find the who, what, and where of IT security risk. It uses RealContext™, RealRisk™, and the attacker’s mindset to prioritize and drive risk reduction.


Know your network

Your network has grown dramatically and expanded outside the firewall. Do you really know what’s going on? Nexpose provides clear visibility by discovering and assessing risks to the business across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. This knowledge of systems, applications, vulnerabilities, configurations and controls across the modern network is foundational to effective risk management.


Prioritize and manage your risk effectively

Your security teams are inundated with threats and alerts. Leverage the latest knowledge of the attacker’s mindset and what matters to your business to drive effective risk reduction. Industry-leading risk prioritization, critical threat awareness from Metasploit, and impactful remediation guidance enables better risk management decisions, faster.


Simplify your compliance effort

Which compliance standards matter to your business? How do you help meet those requirements? Nexpose enables organizations to stay compliant with PCI DSS, NERC CIP, FISMA, HIPAA/HITECH, SANS Top 20 CSC, DISA STIGS, USGCB and CIS standards for risk, vulnerability, and configuration management requirements.



Simplify Your Security Assessment and Compliance Programs
  • Simplify your security program workflow
  • Assess security for the modern network
  • Discover vulnerabilities like an attacker
  • Drive your security program forward
  • Increase efficiency with fast, unified scanning
  • Simplify your compliance auditing and reporting
Prioritize and Manage Your Risk Effectively
  • Validate vulnerabilities with Metasploit
  • Prioritize and remediate with RealContext™
  • Prioritize threat-driven risks with RealRisk™
  • Perform powerful reporting & data analytics
  • Deliver concise actionable remediation plans
  • Measure controls effectiveness with ControlsInsight


Simplify your security program workflow

Security teams are understaffed and they need to find ways to run an efficient security program. Organizations are not growing their security teams at the same rate as business growth and increasing cyber-threats. This means security solutions need to work for, instead of against the security team.

The award-winning Nexpose Vulnerability Management solution is the most intuitive product on the market and automates many of the manual steps in running a successful program. Automated workflows, dynamic asset groups, vulnerability filtering, fast searching, drill-down capabilities, and RealContext™ improve your productivity to allow you to focus on more important security initiatives.


Assess security for the modern network

Today’s networks are more dynamic and enable companies to be more agile. However, with that power comes complexity and gaps in the visibility of your risk posture. To effectively manage risk you need to have visibility across your entire network and need new real-time ways to discover assets.

Nexpose provides the industry’s most advanced unified security assessment solution across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Dynamic discovery for VMware solutions provide real-time visibility giving you confidence there aren’t any gaps in your risk posture. Our industry-first integration with VMware NSX provides a revolutionary way to scan and mitigate risk in virtual networks.


Discover Vulnerabilities like an Attacker

Malicious attacks targeting your organization aren’t always predictable, they are using knowledge they find to dive deeper and discover even more vulnerabilities to exploit your systems.

Nexpose uses an intelligence-gathering expert scanning system that emulates techniques used by human hackers to build upon knowledge from prior vulnerabilities and configurations to identify additional vulnerabilities, resulting in a more complete risk assessment.


Drive your security program forward

A key to driving a successful vulnerability management program forward is knowing how to simply communicate success to all stakeholders across your business. Security teams need to play a more consultative role and provide an easy to understand KPI to measure progress.

Nexpose provides simple easy to understand KPIs that allow you to communicate the status of your vulnerability management program. Using contextual intelligence compare different assets by owner, location, severity, or any custom RealContext™ classification.

Increase efficiency with fast, unified scanning

The faster you can assess the risk to your organization, the faster you’ll be able to make decisions to protect against an attack on an IT security weakness. Scheduling and maintaining multiple assessment scans takes time and impacts your network.

Only Nexpose provides a single assessment scan minimizing network impact, to find vulnerabilities, configurations, controls, and policy checks to provide you up to date information for faster decision making. Assessing security and compliance at the same time gives you a complete picture of your risk and compliance posture together.


Simplify your compliance auditing and reporting

Security professionals spend too much time assessing, staying, and showing compliance for different industry or internal policies.

Nexpose enables organizations to stay compliant with PCI DSS,NERC CIP, FISMA (USGCB/FDCC), HIPAA/HITECH, SANS Top 20 CSC, DISA STIGS, and CIS standards for risk, vulnerability, and configuration management. Unlike other solutions which may burden the network with multiple scans, Nexpose’s fast, unified security and compliance assessment improves the performance of your security program by giving you a complete risk and compliance posture.