A branch of forensic science which encompasses the recovery and investigation of found material in digital devices which often is in relation to computer science is called “digital forensic” which commonly known as “digital forensic science.”[1][2].Mostly computer forensic is used synonymously with digital forensics but is extended to the investigation of all capable devices for storing digital data. It has a lot of applications and commonly is used to support a hypothesis regarding a crime or civil beforehand. Its branches are mainly divided into these categories :

  1. Computer forensics
  2. Mobile device forensics
  3. Network forensics
  4. Forensic data analysis
  5. Database forensics

It consists of mainly five steps which are mentioned as following:

  1. Identification
  2. Data Acquisition
  3. Data Recovery
  4. Analysis
  5. Reporting


Sorena digital forensic team includes adroit and educated people in the field of information technology with criminology orientation are capable of presenting these services:

  • Supplying tools and software which are required in this area
  • Collecting, preserving and analyzing data
  • Presenting evidence and reports in the form of understandable reports
  • Discovery of vulnerabilities and presenting solutions

Our potential customers:

  • All of the organizations, private and public companies
  • Banks, financial and credit institutes
  • Security and educational institutes in the field of information technology