Peach Fuzzer

Unlike “dumb fuzzing,” which operates with little or no awareness of the test target, smart fuzzing enables users to choose which part of a system to fuzz, select the right monitors and gather detailed reports. Most importantly, smart fuzzers generate intelligent test cases to produce more precise and actionable results.

With the introduction of the concepts of data and state modeling, Peach changed the future of fuzzing technology. Using data modeling, smart fuzzers like Peach now “understand” what valid data should look like in a given testing scenario. This awareness allows the fuzzer to make smart choices when generating test cases.

peach fuzzer

Peach has also integrated state modeling—or modeling of the data flow—into its security testing. A key result of this integration is that Peach users can now discover the effects of illegal state transitions without code. Most fuzzers can only detect a fault if it causes a system crash. However, your test target may not crash from an illegal state shift; instead, it could induce an exploitable system instability.

These and other intelligent fuzzing features maximize your test coverage and your ability to find potential security issues fast.

Features and Capabilities

  • Cross platform support (Linux, OS X, Windows, etc.)
  • .Net based implementation that is Mono compatible
  • Backwards compatible with existing Peach definitions
  • Ability to create a private fuzzing cloud with Peach Fuzzer Farm™
  • Design to allow for next generation of fuzzing technology
  • A number of GUI programs for Simple File Fuzzing and Simple Network Fuzzing
  • Cloud-based fuzzing through Peach Farm
  • Automated reports
  • Subscription to Deja vu Security’s library of Peach Pits
  • Graphical interface to create and debug PIT files
  • Enhanced controls for Peach Farm

Who are Peach Fuzzer users?

  • Security Assessment laboratories

Sorena Secure Processing Experts

  • Purchasing Peach Fuzzer Licenses and maintanence it
  • Responsible for training users and promoting security awareness to improve working with Peach Fuzzer
  • Installing, configuration and professional training of Peach Fuzzer
  • We have experts with 10 years experience in this field