Immunity Canvas

Canvas is a commercial vulnerability exploitation tool from Dave Aitel’s ImmunitySec. Immunity’s CANVAS makes available hundreds of exploits, an automated exploitation system, and a comprehensive, reliable exploit development framework to penetration testers, security professionals worldwide and and an average of 4 exploits added every monthly release.

immunity canvas

The strength of Canvas is that it provides one of the most flexible and powerful frameworks for exploitation, intrusion detection device testing, and exploit crafting. However, that very flexibility combined with its GUI makes Canvas a little bit harder to use for general penetration testing. Canvas is the framework that provides the highest level of evasion and modification for crafting attacks; it also provides the ability to use MOSDEF, a C compiler written in pure Python. Also, it comes with full source code, and occasionally even includes zero-day exploits.Moreover, it is a platform that is designed to allow easy development of other security products.

Features and Capabilities

  • List of exploits
  • Command to run on nodes
  • Various tools
  • Reconnaissance and discovery
  • Denial of service
  • Server module for Canvas
  • Import/export information
  • Geoip
  • Ability to make Custom Exploits
  • Development
  • Payload Options

Who are Immunity Canvas users?

  • banks and financial institutions
  • private and governmental organizations
  • penetration testing laboratories

Sorena Secure Processing Experts

  • Purchasing Immunity Canvas Licenses and maintanence it
  • Responsible for training users and promoting security awareness to improve working with Immunity Canvas
  • Installing, configuration and professional training of immunity canvas
  • We have experts with 10 years’ experience in this field